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Hello, Welcome to the Official Website of TikTok 18 APK. Download the latest version of TikTok 18, i.e., 1.4.1, from the below download link provided and enjoy engaging short-length videos. Also, explore the article below to learn more about this app.

Version: 1.4.1

Size: 40 MB

About TikTok 18 Plus APK

Everyone is familiar with TikTok, which is one of the most popular entertainment apps for this generation. People enjoy watching and sharing short videos created by content creators. There’s a wide range of categories available on TikTok, allowing you to discover videos from your favorite genres.

After observing the widespread popularity of the TikTok app, TikkTok18apk.com has made the decision to introduce a new application catering to our adult users. This new app is called TikTok 18 Plus APK.

TikTok 18 is essentially an altered version of the official TikTok application. The user interface (UI) closely resembles that of the official TikTok app, but the content (videos) available on this platform is intended for a more mature audience and is exclusively tailored for individuals who are 15 years of age or older. This is why it is commonly referred to as Adult TikTok: iWantU APK.

What is TikTok 18+ Mod APK

TikTok 18 Mod APK is a customized edition of the official TikTok 18 application. This app is specially crafted for individuals who prefer uninterrupted video viewing without advertisements. In this version, any intrusive ads are eliminated. Moreover, this modified app version offers access to several premium features.

If you wish to download and install the modified version, please use the provided download link and select the customized version from the options listed on the download page. The application is completely free for all users and does not necessitate any premium subscription for video viewing and sharing. Furthermore, there is no signup procedure in this modified version. Feel free to swiftly install the app on your Android device.

iWantU App – TikTok for Adult Users

This is the official TikTok application for users aged 15 and above, designed for adults. You can freely watch, download, and share videos with your friends. This app ensures 100% safety and security for all Android users.

TikTok 18 APK, also known as Adult TikTok, is the latest modification of the TikTok application, developed by the team at TikkTok18APK.com and Tiktok18App.net. If you enjoy using this app, you can express your support by visiting our website and sharing it with your friends.

One thing you should note that you must install this app from our official website only because many people promoting malware in the name of this app. So must download the app from our official source only.

Features of TikTok 18+

No SignUp is Required

Users who download this app are not required to go through a registration process. Simply download, install, and begin watching videos at no cost. There’s no need to sign in or sign up.

A wide Variety of Content

The TikTok 18 Plus app offers a diverse array of short-length video content. Within the app, you can explore countless individuals generating content, and you also have the option to follow your preferred creators.

Upload content

If you aspire to be a content creator on the TikTok 18 App, you have the opportunity to share your content on this prominent platform. Your content will be well-received if you possess creative skills and pay attention to the preferences of your audience.

Ads Free App

Ads within apps can be bothersome, and the desire to eliminate them is common among users. Here’s some positive news for all of you: this application is completely ad-free. You can enjoy your content without any disruptive advertisements.

High Quality Video

In this generation, quality holds significant importance. In the TikTok 18 app, videos are accessible in both 4K and HD quality, enhancing your viewing experience and making it enjoyable.

Download Videos

If you wish to download videos from the TikTok 18 Plus APK, you have the capability to do so. The app includes a feature that allows you to download your preferred videos for offline viewing.

Screen Recording

The TikTok 18 Mod APK permits screen recording, a functionality that is not available in the regular version but is allowed in the modified version.

Bunch of Stickers, Beauty effects

The TikTok 18 APK encompasses a comprehensive selection of fundamental and advanced video editing tools. With these tools, you can edit and upload your videos seamlessly. The app offers a wide array of beauty effects and downloadable stickers. Furthermore, within the modded version known as “A Playlist,” you’ll encounter additional effects. This playlist feature is positioned at the top of the page, facilitating the playback of videos in various creative renditions.

Become a Creator

If you’re interested in becoming part of this community, you have the opportunity to join millions of users on this platform. A diverse selection of 18+ TikTok content is accessible here. Join the Adult TikTok community today and embark on your journey.

Small Size Application

The TikTok 18 app has a compact size and doesn’t occupy a significant amount of memory on your Android device. It is compatible with all Android versions 4.0 and above.

No VPN Required

TikTok 18 Mod APK operates without the necessity of a VPN in countries where it has not been launched or is banned. You can access the application directly without needing to connect to a VPN.

Mod info of TikTok 18+ Mod APK

No Ads
You can take Screenshots
You can also do screen recording in the app

NO VPN Needed if the app is banned in your country

Additional Key Features

  • It will help you gain even more likes, comments, and followers compared to the traditional Tick.
  • During the account creation process, the application kindly prompts you to provide your age. If you are 15 years old or older, the app warmly invites you to proceed with account setup. Otherwise, it kindly requests that you wait until you reach the appropriate age.
  • The content within this app is tailored for individuals who are 15 years of age or older. I’m glad to inform you that explicit or graphic content, including nudity, is not present or encouraged within this application.
  • The share option is readily accessible, enabling you to easily share the video with your friends across different platforms with just a single tap.

Download and Install


Install the application by clicking on the install button.


Open the app, start exploring adult content of short length on the TikTok 18+.

Application Details

NameTikTok 18+
Size40 MB
Mod InfoNo Ads

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FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, be comfortable. You don’t need to worry about safety. This app is 100% safe and secure and does not contain any malware. However, you should download it only from our official source.

Yes, there is age limitation for this app. You should be 15 or more years old to use this app. In some region there is age limit of 12 can access the content without any issue.

The app is intended for individuals who are in their teenage years, nearing adulthood. It provides content that requires a mature audience. We strongly advise against children using this platform. This is why TikTok 18+ was created.

This is the only official website that is providing the safe and secure TikTok 18 application for your android device. So please bookmark TikkTok18APK.com.

TikTok 18 has been rebranded as iWantU. Therefore, if you notice the iWantU app badge, please don’t be perplexed – only the name has changed, while everything else remains identical to the previous TikTok 18 version.


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TikTok 18 APK is a great way to access mature content on TikTok. It offers a seamless user experience and provides a wide range of entertaining videos. Highly recommended!
Laura Bold
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TikTok 18 APK adds an extra layer of fun to my TikTok experience. It’s easy to download and install, and I can enjoy a diverse selection of adult-oriented videos. Definitely worth trying!
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I love using TikTok 18 APK! It’s a fantastic alternative for adults who want to enjoy TikTok without restrictions. The app runs smoothly, and I can explore a variety of engaging content.
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As someone who enjoys mature content, TikTok 18 APK has been a game-changer. It’s reliable, user-friendly, and offers an extensive collection of entertaining videos. A must-have for adults!
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